Loft Sixty Four

Finding the perfect place to live isn’t always going to be an easy undertaking and if you want to hone in on perfection, you’ll likely need to employ the services of a skilled architect that knows how best to make use of space and follow best practice design principles. That is very much in evidence with this superb looking Loft Sixty Four from Dutch architects, EVA.

Loft Sixty Four follows very much in the footsteps of the amazing Loft 9B that we featured on the pages of The Coolector a month or so ago and again it follows a minimalist design aesthetic for a breathtaking end result. Whilst you might not expect a conventional loft to be spacious, Loft Sixty Four very much bucks this trend and it is overwhelmed with spacious areas to enjoy.

If you’re a fan of architectural design and clever interiors, Loft Sixty Four is unquestionably going to be right up your street and it is essentially one large room which means that open plan lovers are going to be in their absolute element with this one. Check out a few more shots of this stunning piece of architectural design from EVA below:











Architecture is a principal passion of ours here at The Coolector and there can be few better exponents of it that EVA – a fact born out by their first class Loft Sixty Four design project. Awash with light, space and stylish living solutions, it really is hard not to be impressed and this is definitely the sort of property we aspire towards at Coolector HQ.

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