The world of work is a highly competitive one and, if you want to get ahead, you’ve really got to stand out from the crowd. As we all learnt from Patrick Bateman, the business card is an important component in getting your name out but this is increasingly becoming an antiquated method of passing on your details in an ever more digitised world. Well, courtesy of the awesome looking SwivelCard, the age-old business card has been give a rather excellent, and long overdue, reboot.

SwivelCard is the work of Spokane based team of designers and is billed as a paper USB business card with full analytics and remote access which, put simply, means it’s essentially a smart business card. It has an integrated USB drive which can be used to store whatever data you like so, for a creative for example, you can hand over your portfolio with your business card which is obviously a great case of showcasing your work.

An undeniably clever idea, the SwivelCard has already rustled up some pretty healthy backing over on Kickstarter but there is still a few more weeks to lend your support to the project and get your hands on a set of these thoroughly 21st century business cards. The creators patented a system for turning regular paper into a USB drive and, with that, the notion for the SwivelCard was born and it will likely be an innovative new means of getting one’s business portfolio or CV out there. See a few more shots of the cracking business cards below:





If you work in a creative industry and you’ve long been hankering for a method of disseminating your creative talents to all and sundry then these spiffing SwivelCards might just be the innovation that you’ve been waiting for. They boast analytics within them which allows you to see the way in which your USB has been used and give you the opportunity to provide so much more than just a name and contact details that is typical with the more traditional business cards. A mightily impressive creation and one that we’re thoroughly on board with here at Coolector HQ.

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