Loight Rechargeable Lantern

More and more industrial designers are looking for ways to create eco-friendly products given the predicaments our planet faces on a daily basis and this leads to some fantastic concept designs and ideas such as this eye-catching and innovative Loight Rechargeable Lantern from Zahra Ghiasi, who is a creative, motivated designer with Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design and saw a way of making lighting much more sustainable.

The Loight Rechargeable Lantern has been conceived off the back of the fact that so many people want to be much more energy efficient these days and will make it one of the priorities around the home. This clever piece of industrial design from Ghiasi aims to address that design and does so in a highly functional and aesthetically appealing package, in the shape of these super cool looking Loight Rechargeable Lanterns.

Reducing Carbon Footprints

Doing things as simple as remembering to turn light switches off and turning off all your plugs when not in use will help reduce your carbon footprint but this top notch piece of industrial design from Zahra Ghiasi aims to take things a step further by looking back in time to how properties were lighted and delivering a more contemporary solution for the 21st century. The Loight Rechargeable Lantern takes its design inspiration from the considerable efficiency of this form of lighting and aims to challenge our dependency on traditional lighting today.

The Loight Rechargeable Lantern from Zahra Ghiasi might only be a concept design at present but it delivers a winning aesthetic combine with a clever idea so it’s not outside the realms of possibility that we could see it on shop shelves in the not too distant future. This cleverly designed product is billed as a personal light which you would carry with you throughout the home. The idea is that each family member would have their own Loight and only when the whole family is together will the room be at its brightest – so it’s both eco-friendly and promotes more quality time with the family.

With a brightness that can be adjusted depending on the situation it’s being used for and it can be charged wirelessly with its own charging station, which Ghiasi suggests would be placed at the entrance of the home so that you pick it up whenever you enter the home. Each light would only have a limited charge, which means you’d think more carefully about your energy usage on a day to day basis and, hopefully, use your light efficiently.

Let There Be Light

It is also the intention of this concept design that it could be easily used in underdeveloped countries where lighting is a real problem. It is designed so that it could be recharged at solar charging panels in city centres and then taken back home to help illuminate their interiors. We love cool concept designs like this here at The Coolector and the eye-catching visuals coupled with the eco-friendliness of the design make it a real winner in our book.

Whilst this might not be something that you can buy right now, it’s definitely the sort of thing that homeowners looking to play their part in helping save the planet would embrace. The fact it looks great means it would easily fit in with any contemporary interior design aesthetic which is something that is likely to see an increased number of homeowners willing to adopt it.

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