London Map Side Table

We’ve obviously got a love of London here at Coolector HQ as it’s the city in which we’re based and whenever we come across something that celebrates the awesomeness of our capital city, we’re only too happy to champion its cause and one of the best we’ve seen to date is this amazing looking London Map Side Table by Hasan Agar.

The London Map Side Table is, as the name would perhaps suggest, a side table that expertly recreates some of London’s most famous city streets and landmarks in a highly engaging manner and we’re massive fans of the aesthetic of this piece here at The Coolector.

Engraved upon a metal surface with the landmarks made to stand out with a lace metal effect, this is one striking piece of designer furniture and one that lovers of London will definitely appreciate. Take a look at a few more shots below:









A fantastic piece of design and one that does a great job of showcasing the designer’s love of the city of London, this superb side table will add a touch of class to any room. With solid beech legs with a matte finish and a laser cut table top, it’s as striking as they come and though it isn’t commercially available just yet, we’ve got our fingers crossed at Coolector HQ that it soon will be.

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