Love Hulten Battlecade

We love retro arcade games here at The Coolector and that’s why supremely talented designer, Love Hulten, is no stranger to our pages as he has crafted some jaw-dropping pieces that have retro gaming at their core and his latest offering might just have surpassed the awesomeness of his last. It goes by the name of the Battlecade and it is almost offensively brilliant looking.

The Battlecade by Love Hulten is a conceptual arcade console for two players, which takes its design inspiration from classic board games like Battleship and, as you can see from the image above, it looks all sorts of awesome.

Forgoing the traditional side by side dynamic of playing arcade games, the Battlecade lets you face directly at your opponent as you’re dishing out beatings and the visual appeal of this incredible looking design is second to none. Check out some more shots of the Battlecade below:









With a casing made from American walnut, the Battlecade is certainly a stylish looking affair and for anyone with a love of retro video games (which should be everyone) then there really can be few things more worthy of top spot in your wishlist. Sadly, the Battlecade is still in the “concept” phase but we’re hoping it will be available to purchase before too long here at Coolector HQ.

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