Love Hulten Coffee Table

We love old school furniture here at Coolector HQ and we also love vintage video gaming vibes and the two have met wonderfully well in the shape of this amazing looking coffee table from a regular on our pages, Swedish industrial designer, Love Hulten. This classy looking offering looks like a conventional table on the face of things but hides a video gaming secret within.

The Love Hulten Coffee Table is another fine addition to the designer’s line up of wares inspired by the world of old school video games and might just be one of our favourite pieces from him to date. There is a mid-century style aesthetic to the coffee table when in its traditional form and it is bought well and truly into the 1980s/90s with the addition of pull-out arcade controllers which are housed within the table’s frame.

Talented Designer

As you may be aware, we’ve featured the products from Love Hulten on our pages here at Coolector HQ regularly and we’re always left impressed with the quality of his creations and this first class coffee table is certainly no exception. He specialises in fusing traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technology, to deliver unique objects in an unexpected merge of form and function. Love Hulten focuses on creating one-of-a-kind exclusive objects and they will add a real touch of class to the aesthetics of any home or office.

The Love Hulten Coffee Table is a stylish looking table in its own right and boasts pull-out arcade controllers to add a pleasing vintage vibe to proceedings. It has been custom made from walnut with brass fixtures that really catch the eye and give a classy look and feel to this coffee table that we’re loving here at The Coolector and we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of vintage video game aficionados equally as enamoured with it.

Love Hultén offers a genuine and personal experience with all the pieces that he creates and his personality always shines through in his cool looking, vintage inspired offerings. Everything is produced, polished, and assembled by Hultén himself in Gothenburg, Sweden, to exacting specifications always looking nothing but impeccable. 

Impactful Furniture

If you’re in the market for an eye-catching focal point for your interior design endeavours, this Love Hulten Coffee Table is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. It is visually impactful and extremely versatile and does a fine job of showcasing Hulten’s talents as a furniture designer.

The Love Hulten Coffee Table is a bespoke, custom built piece of furniture will be a real talking point in any home and the mid-century style vibes it possesses adds to its appeal considerably. We can’t wait to see what other pieces this immeasurably talented Swedish designer comes up with in the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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