Love Hulten Game Burger Advance

We’ve been long time admirers of the bonkers and vintage style designs of Love Hulten here at Coolector HQ for a while now and we always have our noses pressed to the virtual window of his online workshop and we’ve not been left disappointed with his latest release – the decidedly retro looking, Love Hulten Game Burger Advance. If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, chances are you’ll recognise the flip-phone style aesthetic of this gaming device only too well and will want one in your life as much as we do here at The Coolector.

The Love Hulten Game Burger Advance is in the style and shape of the burger flip-phones of yesteryear and is definitely one of the designer’s most bonkers creations to date. This eye-catching bit of tech from Love Hulten is a battery powered burger console which has been crafted¬†from wood but has the same retro styling of all of the talented chap’s gaming creations. Great to look at and fully functional, this is going to appeal to anyone with a love of the 1980s.

80s Vibe

As with a lot of the creations from Love Hulten, the Game Burger Advance has a real 80s style aesthetic and it will definitely turn heads aplenty if you whip this out on a train or plane and start playing your favourite games. This clever conceived creation has a bold visual impact courtesy of the vibrant colours used in its crafting and the fact it lets you play some of the old school classics on what is, for all intents and purposes, a cheese burger.

The Love Hulten Game Burger Advance is the latest in an ever growing collection of brilliantly designed, retro-style video game creations. Using emulators and innovative design, there is a vintage look to most of Love Hulten’s creations but a more contemporary beating heart beneath the hood and it’s no different with the superb looking Game Burger Advance handheld he has created.

Clearly heavily influenced by the golden age of gaming in the 80s and 90s, Love Hulten lets his love of vintage gaming infuse all of his striking creations and its no exception with the Game Burger Advance. One look at this and it’s like the 1980s in a nutshell and we’re loving the old-school style visuals it boasts and the fact that it combines it with the capacity to play some cracking games whilst on the go.


Love Hulten is increasingly branching out with how he designs his products and the Game Burger Advance is a fine example of this in action. We’ve been following his work for years now and are always impressed with his capacity for capturing an era so well and the fact he always makes sure that this is balanced with a fully functional device to boot.

If you’ve got a penchant for all things 80s and 90s, you probably would have been happy at the fact this looks like a burger flip phone but when you throw the fact that it is a fully functional gaming device into the equation as well, it’s a whole other level of old school awesomeness and the Game Burger Advance is just too good to ignore.

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