Love Hulten Golden Apple

When it comes to design, we’ve got our favourites at The Coolector and a brief traipse back through the pages of the site will reveal that Love Hulten very much sits at the top table in this regard. His latest offering, the Golden Apple, is just as awesome as the rest of his fare and if you’re a fan of retro Macintosh device then you, sir, are going to be well and truly in your element with this one.

The Golden Apple by Love Hulten is inspired by the Macintosh 128k, the first home computer released by Apple and though it is almost identical in terms of shape and outward design, that’s where the similarities end.

Clad in a glorious American walnut frame as opposed to the moulded plastics of the original device, the Love Hulten Golden Apple looks undeniably superior from a visual perspective and, you’ll be glad to hear, it is also a good deal more technologically advanced from the machine that serves as its inspiration. This spectacular piece of design actually has a fully functional Mac Mini beneath the hood and the original floppy disk drive has been replaced with a DVD reader. Check out a few more shots below:









So far as iconic designs are concerned, they don’t come much more recognisable that Apple’s flagship Macintosh computer and this jawdropping piece of design from Love Hulten definitely pays homage to it wonderfully well. For any chap after some great looking retro technology with a modern edge, you need to be hitting Love Hulten up ASAP.

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