Love Hulten Originxl

There are certain designers out there who we are drawn to like moth to a flame here at Coolector HQ and gaming obsessed Love Hulten is chief amongst them. It is because of the fact that he so consistently produces amazing pieces of game-orientated awesomeness such as this Love Hulten OriginXL arcade cabinet that we can’t help but be bewitched and if you’re wanting the ultimate in retro gaming experiences in your home, this can be yours for just €4k.

The Love Hulten OriginXL gaming cabinet is a mighty luxurious, full-scale version of the wall mounted OriginX cabinet that the skilled designer released a few months back, and this new offering comes in an extremely limited edition of just 50 and you can rest assured that they won’t be hanging around for long. The streamlined, hand made cabinet expertly combines modern hardware with classic, retro style design and lets you enjoy classic co-op games like Metal Slug, Gauntlet and Contra in all their nostalgic glory.

Games Galore

Capable of cramming some 10,000 retro games within, you’ll never be short of entertainment choices with the Love Hulten OriginXL. In addition to be able to store over 10k emulated games, you can also add your own favorites through USB and create your very own personal gaming library. It is fair to say that Atari’s Pong helped to establish the game industry as we know it and is often referred as the origin of video gaming.

The OriginXL from Love Hulten is a handcrafted wooden tribute and a decidedly classy and retro homage to the original Pong cabinet where modern gaming really began. Just like its precursor – the OriginXL is made all the more eye-catching courtesy of the elegant exterior which consists of a mahogany housing, yellow facade and control panel which has been carefully crafted from aluminium.

With the standard version of the OriginXL running on a built-in modern computer, which is tasked with emulating all your favorite games through MAME – you will be pleased to hear that the cabinet itself can be customised to run the original JAMMA board of your choice. Each OriginXL cabinet from Love Hulten comes with a 19″ 4:3 LCD, and to boost the authentic arcade experience a custom barrel distortion filter to mimic classic CRT monitors ​has been added.

Extremely Limited Design

It goes without saying that items of this impressive calibre don’t sit around on the shelves for long at the best of times but when you consider that only 50 will be made, it is clear that you won’t have long to act if you want to add the Love Hulten OriginXL to your man cave. Each cabinet is produced, polished, and assembled by Hultén himself in Gothenburg, Sweden and there is a sense of impeccable luxury and craftsmanship to every one.

Though undoubtedly not cheap at €4k, the unique and exclusive nature of the OriginXL from Love Hulten is definitely gaming to make it appeal to retro gaming enthusiasts. With over 10,000 games available on the console and the opportunity to add those classics that you can’t live without via USB, this really is the ultimate in retro gaming stations and we can’t wait to see what Love Hulten has got in store next.

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