Love Hulten Mr Typo Voice Synthesiser

We’ve featured the amazing vintage looking arcade inspired wares of Love Hulten many a time here on the pages of The Coolector but there has been a little departure from the norm, at least aesthetically speaking, with one of his latest releases; the bonkers but brilliant looking Love Hulten Mr Typo Voice Synthesiser which is a wall-mounted synthesiser that has been hand-crafted from wood for a mighty eye-catching visual impact.

The Love Hulten Mr Typo Voice Synthesiser is truly a unique sight to behold and unlike most of the creations from this talented industrial designer, isn’t overtly inspired by the world of vintage video games. This magnificent looking creation from one of our favourite designers here at The Coolector is a brilliantly inventive creation that lets you feed the device any text-file, which it will then rearrange the content in real-time and output odd and irregular sentence structures, using Markov chains and a vocal synthesis created by Bjorn Eriksson.

Madcap Design

We love the way in which Love Hulten incorporates bold, vibrant colours into the majority of his designs and there is no exception with the fantastic looking Mr Typo Voice Synthesiser. It is a compelling object to look at in its own right but when you add its technological capabilities into the mix, its an even more attractive proposition. It’s use of text-files to create odd and irregular sentence structures isn’t something that is going to be overly useful if we’re being honest but we love the idea of it and we’re sure there will be plenty of Love Hulten fans out there looking to snap this up.

The Love Hulten Mr Typo carries out all its processes through the power of Raspberry Pi and you’ll be able to feed in more or less any type of text file to create a whole new, non-sensical version of events that will make for a mighty entertaining listen. In addition to the Raspberry Pi, the Mr Typo Voice Synthesiser also has a second internal computer, the Axoloti Core, which gives the device some additional vocal modulation such as pitch shifter, reverb, chorus, and so forth.

Mr Typo is a battery powered device and it will come in two different editions – namely with or without meat – we’re not quite sure what this means either but we’re sure that it will be an experience either way. Love Hulten is a designer with a real flair for the inventive and he showcases this with a considerable consistency and this latest offering is, without doubt, one of his craziest to date and we love it all the more for it.

Oddball Instructions

There is a real sense of the bonkers to the Mr Typo Voice Synthesiser from Love Hulten and if you’re looking for an eye-catching wall-hanging / piece of unconventional artwork for your home or office then you could do a lot worse than adding this latest creation from the Scandinavian designer to your property.

We’re not sure if this one is currently commercially available as it doesn’t have a price tag (which may just mean we can’t afford it) on the Love Hulten site but we’re sure that if enough people express and interest in purchasing one of these Mr Typo Voice Synthesisers it will be available to buy sooner rather than later.

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