Løvtag Cabins

When it comes to travelling, it’s always rewarding to try as many different types of holiday as possible and if it’s a week in the woods that you fancy next, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place for it than these breathtaking Løvtag Cabins which can be found near Mariager Fjord in Denmark. These stunning constructs are in the process of being built with one now completed in the intended set of nine cabins in the woods and you can now book a stay at the first of these completed cabins.

The Løvtag Cabins in Denmark are designed by architect, Sigurd Larsen, and the finished cabin has a so-called “ground floor” with a double bed, a double sofa-bed, kitchen, toilet and shower as well as a rooftop terrace under the canopy of trees, some eight metre above the ground which give amazing views out into the forest below. The cabin is built around a large, old pine tree that goes straight through the cabin’s floor and roof and provides a compelling visual impact to your stay.

A Cabin in the Woods

These breathtaking Løvtag Cabins are situated in a small forest by Als Odde, which is a rural destination in the northern part of Denmark and can be found close to both the sea and Mariager Fjord. It is a relaxing, incredibly peaceful and beautiful area that isn’t blighted by mass tourism, and it is the perfect spot for those with a love of biking, hiking and fishing. The finished cabin is an expression is Nordic minimalism, and utilises every cubic centimetre to its utmost to deliver a unique and relaxing place to be at one with nature.

The Løvtag Cabins are impressive both inside and out and you’ll find the cabin is is modern, comfortable and ‘hyggelig’. It has been built 6-8 meters up the tree, and encloses the tree itself which goes up through the middle of the cabin, ensuring that the guests are truly close to nature. It boasts large windows to the south and west which let in lots of natural light and ensures that visitors have amazing views of the woodland beneath them and around them.

It is the interiors of these cabins that have a particularly Scandinavian feel with one large room with a sleeping area, a living room and kitchen as well as a separate toilet and outdoor shower under the canopy. The cabin has water, electricity and indoor plumbing so you’ll not be without the mod-cons that make for a more relaxing stay in the wilderness. The finished cabin has a staircase which leads onto the terrace of the cabin roof where you can relax in the treetop, enjoy a salmon from Mariager Fjord or just take in the views of the forest.

Unbeatable Location

Scandinavia is home to some unbeatable and breathtaking wilderness locations and these Løvtag Cabins take advantage of one such setting. The forest is a mix of deciduous and coniferous forest with soft moss covering large expanses of the forest floor. If you are lucky – and quiet – you might just see some deer in the forest. The cabin is situated in a pine tree on a small hillside known as The Dwarf’s Mound and there is a clearing in front of the cabin that gives a wonderful view and lets the sunshine in during the afternoon.

The main attraction of Als Odde, where these cabins are located, is nature. Peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and mass tourism. Within walking distance, you have the quaint forest restaurant Jægerhuset (the Hunter’s House) as well as Café Odden from where you can enjoy the views of the fjord and the sea. So, if a relaxing break is on your to-do list this summer, look no further.

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