The Moose Anti-Theft Workstation Backpack

For those of us that like to work a bit more fluidly from a variety of locations, having the right backpack for your tech and assorted accessories is a must and it’s for that reason that we’ve had our head well and truly turned by The Moose Anti-Theft Workstation Backpack which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. This cleverly conceived carry is billed as a reinvented backpack for creators, photographers, travellers and commuters and if you want that extra peace of mind on the go, it could be the thing for you.

The Moose Anti-Theft Workstation Backpack on Kickstarter has an introductory price of just $169 during the campaign, which is some $80 off the RRP so it represents excellent value for money right now. Described as the most functional backpack ever, there are an awful lot of clever and eye-catching features to this accessory which will help set it apart from the competition which includes the capacity to create your own private workstation anywhere you go.

Work Anywhere, Anytime

Allowing for a much more flexible working environment, the Moose Anti-Theft Workstation Backpack is right up our street here at Coolector HQ. It is a professionally made, stylish, versatile, robust and innovative bag for everyone and all occasions. It is about as versatile as it comes with so many different functions from private workstation, to camera bag to conventional backpack – you can really use it as any situation dictates or requires.

The Moose Anti-Theft Workstation Backpack on Kickstarter ($169) is crafted from an advanced, slash-resistant fabric which means it offers an extra layer of security to your possessions and is tailor made for any adventures you may take it on. This military grade glass fibre that is used throughout the product gives an unparalleled resistance to bumps and scrapes and you’ll not have to worry about what you’re carrying and focus more on the adventure at hand.

It is the workstation mode that most appeals to us here at The Coolector because it gives you a private working environment anywhere you choose to work. It is the back part of the backpack which delivers the private workstation mode. It is sturdy and has strong flaps which fold out to create the ultimate on the go laptop station; a private workspace anywhere with over 15 dedicated pockets, elastic straps in and out, touch screen phone pocket, built-in USB port, extendable & protected laptop sleeve, water-resistant zippers and cut-resistant fabrics.

Storage Aplenty

If you need plenty of equipment to work on the go, this is the carry for you as it has pockets aplenty and a laptop sleeve that fits screens up to 15.6″. Ideally suited to any creative individual that wants their tools of the trade in tow, the Moose Anti-Theft Workstation Backpack on Kickstarter has already flown past its funding target and this really is testament to how many people out there have been waiting for a carry just like this one.

With $80 off the RRP and currently available for just $169, move now if you want to secure your Moose Anti-Theft Workstation Backpack for a bargain price. It boasts an unparalleled amount of uses and has functionality levels off the charts. Incredibly robust and durable, it’s not going to let you down wherever you choose to work and it has an understated, stylish aesthetic that will fit in perfectly with the rest of your EDC essentials.

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