Loyal Stricklin Leather Goods

Traditional, well-crafted goods are a particular favourite of ours here at The Coolector but we undoubtedly want a brand to have something about them, a distinctive character and a dedication to crafting excellence and with Loyal Stricklin Leather Goods that, sir, is exactly what you get.

Loyal Stricklin are the brainchild of Michael Stricklin who operates out of Opelika and who is a designer and artisan who, in our humble opinion, has crafted some of the most awesome leather goods that we’ve encountered here at Coolector HQ. All the products on offer are crafted by hand by Sticklin himself alongside one another employee, Jake Carnley, and the attention to detail and care that goes into their construction is second to none.

All the Loyal Stricklin leather goods are made from materials that have been carefully sourced from American manufacturers and keeping things local is one of the goals of Stricklin with his leather goods brand. Durable and stylish, the leather goods from Loyal Stricklin definitely look the part and a particular favourite of ours is the brilliantly conceived and constructed collection of Aviator mugs. Take a look at some of our favourite Loyal Stricklin leather accessories below:




The excellence of the leather used in Loyal Stricklin goods definitely shines through and if you’re an outdoors type with a penchant for crackingly crafted leather goods, you’ll not find many better than these out there.

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