LYFE Levitating Planter

Though we’re not exactly horticulturists here at Coolector HQ, we’re all for awesome pieces of design that add to the aesthetic appeal of a property and that’s why we’re such huge fans of this awesome looking LYFE Levitating Planter that is funding over on Kickstarter right now (and doing frightfully well, we might add).

The LYFE Levitating Planter is a fine example of something doing exactly what is says on the tin because it will levitate your small plant life and add a rather spectacular focal point wherever you choose to deploy it. This cracking piece of technology is the brainchild of Simon Morris and is billed as a zero-gravity growing system allowing you to cultivate your favourite plants in the air.

Using maglev technology to levitate and rotate the plants, this visually superior little design will be mighty appealing to those who like to add quirky pieces and accessories within their home or office and you can check out a few more shots of it in action below:







Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 9.26.01 PM

Innovative design coupled with unparalleled visual appeal make this LYFE Levitating Planter a real favourite of ours at The Coolector and if you’re after some quirky pieces of design and technology to add to your home or office over the next few months then you need to head to Kickstarter and throw your support behind it.

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