Machine Era Co Field Pens

With the pen being mightier than the sword, or at least so they say, it is always a good idea to have a robust, reliable and sturdy one as part of your EDC line up and, to be honest, we’ve not encountered any better looking or more expertly crafted than these excellent looking Machine Era Co Field Pens which are funding on Kickstarter right now.

The Machine Era Co Field Pens are the sort of EDC that will form the cornerstone of your collection and this compact writing tool is designed and crafted to be perfect for every situation. This latest offering from Coolector HQ favourites, Machine Era Co, is a complete overhaul of their original field pen offering and delivers some mighty impressive new features which will ensure that it always boasts an impeccable performance whenever you need it.

Pen Perfection

There is a real sense of satisfaction to be had when writing with a pen that is a cut above from a design and performance point of view and that’s exactly what you’ve got on your hands with this latest Kickstarter campaign from Machine Era Co. The biggest new feature for this Machine Era Co Field Pen is a custom made bolt action mechanism which has been combined with a fully machined aircraft grade aluminum clip. This is something they have been prototyping for over a year now and paying careful attention to the design features so it provides a performance and ergonomic comfort that is second to none.

Specifically crafted to be used on a daily basis, hence being a mainstay of your EDC, the Machine Era Co Field Pen is exceptionally reliable, superbly balanced, boasts minimalist and aesthetically pleasing clean lines and the sort of weighty, robust construction that is sure to appeal. It is a piece of EDC you’ll love to carry. It has a slimline profile and is wonderfully durable courtesy of the superb materials used in its crafting. The shape of the bolt slot follows natural motion and this is important because it allows for a silky smooth writing action.

Attention to detail is something that sets all the products from Machine Era Co and this is especially true with these awesome looking Field Pens on Kickstarter which have each been fully machined from solid stock. What this means is that every side and angle has been machine cut. This is achieved through the use of Swiss-type turning techniques in order to deliver parts that are incredibly accurate. Precision isn’t just important for mechanical parts, it also helps provide the flawless finish on the pen body which sets these pens apart from a visual perspective.

Find the Right Material

We’ve all got different tastes so you’ll be pleased to hear you can pick from different materials with these Machine Era Co Field Pens on Kickstarter. You can choose from either brass, will age nicely and will patina to a spent-shell-casing, golden brown or the stainless version which doesn’t have the same ageing quality but suit your needs just as well. It will never change color, rust, or corrode. The loogos are fiber laser engraved for durability and optimal mark quality and adds the perfect finishing touch to proceedings.

Unsurprisingly, this cracking campaign from Machine Era Co has already flown past its funding target over on Kickstarter and if you’ve liked what you’ve seen and want to add one of these sublime looking pens to your EDC line up, you’ve still got plenty of time to head over and pick one (or more) up for a bargain price.

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