Brooks National Parks Running Shoes

The USA is home to some of the most breathtaking and awe inspiring National Parks on the planet – we’re talking the likes of Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Yosemite – and, fortunately, there are those out there doing their part in helping to preserve them and we’ve seen few more stylish examples of this than these super cool Brooks National Park Running Shoes which are available to purchase on leading proponents of outdoors wares, Rei.

The Brooks National Park Running Shoes is a celebration of some of the USA’s most amazing National Parks and with so many to choose from, it can’t have been easy to narrow the choices down but, chances are, one of your favourite spots will be represented in this first class, limited edition series of footwear. Striving to make people park proud and compelling them to protect what they love, this awesome collection of sneakers is seeking to raise $50k to donate to National Park Foundation.

Into the Wild Footwear

Lamentably, we’ve yet to experience the grandeur of most of the USA’s most amazing National Parks so anything that will help to preserve them for years to come is definitely worth shouting about in our opinion. This excellent collection of Brooks National Park Shoes is inspired by the fact that over 100 million people worldwide enjoy running outside so it’s imperative that we protect the great outdoors and that’s exactly the objective of this limited edition series of footwear.

This brilliant series of Brooks National Parks Running Shoes will be sold exclusively at Rei as they have been made in partnership with the excellent outdoor lifestyle brand. Each different pair of footwear is stamped with a unique crest pertaining to a certain National Park in the States and you can take your pick from the likes of Yosemite, Yellowstone, Mt. Rainier and the Great Smokey Mountains and each pair has its own unique design aesthetic.

One of the main reasons that Brooks devised this collection of running shoes for REI was to inspire runners to get out and explore their National Parks. They’re facilitated this by mapping out the most amazing, rewarding and jaw-dropping routes in these National Parks through a partnership with Great Runs. With each of the four parks represented in the collection having their own amazing trails, you’ll never be short of a place to run and with this footwear on your feet, you can ensure you’re comfortable whilst you do it.

Preserving Perfection

Utterly mesmerising, the National Parks of America are unparalleled in their beauty and we’re glad that Brooks have teamed up with Rei to help preserve them. This cracking collection of running shoes come with an accompanying T-shirt option to add to their awesomeness still further and for those with a love of running and heading out into the wilderness, getting your hands on a pair of these running shoes is a must.

Running is a rewarding experience in its own right but when you’ve got a backdrop like Yosemite, Mt. Rainier or Yellowstone, the enjoyment levels go through the roof. Making sure you’ve got the right running footwear on your feet is important though and you can experience the duel benefit of comfortable running shoes and preserving national parks with this first class series from Brooks and Rei.

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