Machine Era Wallet

With the tag-line of “Rethink your everyday carry”, this exceptionally stylish Machine Era Wallet has got me doing exactly that. I don’t currently carry a wallet at all as I wait for one to really appeal to me and I do believe I may have just come across just the chap for the job with this flawlessly crafted and unusual Machine Era Wallet.

Currently trying to drum up interest on Kickerstarter (and doing a fine job of it – having accumulated just shy of $6,000 of their $8,000 target with 44 days still to go), I’m in no doubt that this dapper number will come to fruition and be the wallet of choice for stylish chaps aplenty in the remainder of 2013.

The design remit for the Machine Era Wallet was to craft a piece that was simple, functional and not problematic to handle and, truth be told, they certainly appear to have ticked these three boxes admirably. This wonderfully simple but effective wallet is available in two different varieties and I’m finding it difficult to decide which I prefer – fortunately, I have two pockets, so can facilitate both. The different types are flat black aluminium and solid brass and both are devilishly attractive wallets for today’s modern chap.

The Machine Era Wallet is quite unlike any other I have seen on the market and I’m drawn to the individuality and style of this design and, with this in mind, I will be hoping that their Kickstarter campaign ends in glorious victory because a world without these exceptional wallets is a world I wouldn’t want to live in (a touch dramatic, perhaps). But I stand by it. Take a look at why we here at The Coolector have fallen pretty hard for the Machine Era Wallet in the gallery below:


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