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Just when we thought we were out, they pulled us back in. On this particular occasion, it is a Mafia don that we’re referring to the equally as awesome Mafia Bags which are currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter for their top notch collection of bags and accessories which are crafted from repurposed boat sails.

Mafia Bags are the work of San Francisco dwelling pair Marcos and Paz Mafia who have a love of sailing and the sea and this has seen them create a first rate series of bags and accessories that are extremely eye-catching in their design and with the additional interest of being made from old sails.

The company itself was founded in Argentina and having really taken the South American market by storm with their highly distinctive offerings, Mafia Bags have set their targets on a more global audience, hence the Kickstarter campaign to put them in the digital shop window. By opening a manufacturing operation in California, Mafia Bags hope to get their brand a much more mainstream reputation and we’re sure that you’ll join us in agreeing that, given the awesomeness of their bags and accessories, this wider audience is definitely warranted. Check out a few more of their wares below:




We’re loving the sea-faring aesthetic of these Mafia Bags here at Coolector HQ and if you’re after some accessories with a backstory a bit more interesting than the norm, these will definitely fit the bill.

Mafia Bags are a striking, functional and durable collection of accessories that have made their mark on our style sensibilities at The Coolector and we’re hoping they reach their Kickstarter campaign target so they can bring their cracking wares to a wider audience.

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