Mahabis Men’s Slippers

Comfort is key when it comes to footwear and, let’s face it, there’s no form of footwear known to man more comfortable than that of slippers. But, lamentably, society typically dictates that we don’t wear this type of footwear beyond the confines of our home. Until now, that is courtesy of the extraordinarily comfortable and wonderfully stylish selection of men’s slippers from the guys at Mahabis.

Essentially reinventing the slipper, Mahabis are responsible for crafting exceptionally comfortable footwear which they describe as ‘Downtime. Redesigned’ and for those who demand both unparalleled style with impeccable comfort from their footwear, this cracking collection of Mahabis Men’s Slippers is going to more than fit the bill. Innovative in design and boasting fantastic craftsmanship, you’re going to wonder where this footwear has been all your life the minute you slip a pair on for the first time.

Meteoric Rise

The rise of Mahabis as a footwear brand has been rapid to say the least and they now ship to over 100 countries, which is testament to the immense popularity of their all-purpose footwear and the sleek, understated aesthetic of the wares is definitely to our liking here at Coolector HQ. Aiming to reinvent the slipper and bring it into the 21st century was the objective of Mahabis and in the shape of their superbly designed and crafted footwear, they have accomplished exactly that.

An ability to wear outside is the real piece de resistance of the Mahabis Slippers line up and this is achieved through the fusing of Scandinavian minimalism with a large variety of cultural influences from across the world. They have created a cracking selection of modern, unisex slippers that are dripping in understated style and offer first class comfort. As mentioned, the brand’s most eye-catching signature feature is a detachable and interchangeable outdoor sole, which effortlessly flicks on/clips down in seconds, which means you can complete your everyday outdoor adventures in comfort and with ease.

Ideally suited to year round use, Mahabis Slippers are an incredibly versatile form of footwear and they are available in three different iterations – namely, Classic, Summer and Luxe – which will give you a choice depending on the time of year. The Classic edition features a soft and sculpted wool lining for maximum warmth and comfort, the Summer edition is crafted from a lightweight, breathable mesh, purpose built to keep your feet cool in the summer heat and, last but not least, the Luxe is made from stunning European leather coupled with cloud-soft lambs wool for that extra touch of sophistication and elegance.

Compelling Comfort

This reinvention of the slipper by Mahabis has really ignited the imagination of consumers the world over who want footwear that delivers the immeasurable comfortability of slippers with the capacity for outdoor wear and this brilliant series of slippers from Mahabis delivers on every level. Visually understated but overflowing with clever design features and truly unparalleled levels of comfort, it’s no surprise that this phenomenal footwear has been flying off the shelves since day one.

As sticklers for comfort here at Coolector HQ, it is inevitable that Mahabis Slippers would resonate with us and we’re loving the fact they are such a versatile form of footwear, suitable for wear all year round. If you’ve been on the hunt for a new form of footwear that delivers the comfort of your favourite slippers with the style of an outdoor shoe then you, sir, need look no further.

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