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There really are few things that can top a backyard BBQ and, as with all things in life, these experiences are elevated considerably when you’ve got the right tools and accessories in tow. So far as cooking your meat is concerned, you’ll find few brands doing it better than MAK Grills right now and this all-American brand are all about wood-fired cooking as it was meant to be and this gives you the chance to really elevate your own al-fresco cooking endeavours.

Truth be told, there is a degree of artistry to quality barbecuing and an artist is only as good as his tools which is why getting a MAK Grill in your life is a bit of a no brainer in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Cooking with real wood smoke for flavor and tenderness should be a simple undertaking, but mastering this process requires devotion, a keen eye for detail—and, of course, the right pit. At MAK Grills, they are all about innovating relentlessly for every backyard barbecuer who refuses to settle for anything less than the best.

Pelleting Perfection

Until you’ve experienced pellet grill cooking, you’ll not realise quite how revolutionary it can be to your food creations. Pellet grilling is somewhat of an exact science and at MAK Grills they make their first class grills to exacting standards in the USA so as to be greater than the sum of their parts. They are able to maintain temperatures as low as 170°F and capable of searing at temperatures up to 600°F, which means MAK turns the art of grilling into a consistent science for the ultimate cooking experience.

For those that see outdoor cooking as a way of life, the fantastic wares from MAK Grills need to be a part of that life and no matter the space you’re working with or your cooking style, they’ll have a grill that more than fits the bill. Every MAK Grill is built at their factory in Oregon by American workers who manage everything from design to support. MAK is committed to versatility, reliable performance, and the best customer service available to ensure a lifetime of outdoor cooking.

The guys at MAK have four different grills to choose from – the One Star General ($1999), the Two Star General ($2999) (with a separate all-stainless version at $4499), and, you guessed it, the Three Star General ($7999). Each and every MAK Grill is designed, sourced, and built in the USA to strict standards. All the materials and parts used are picked for their durability and performance. The most cutting edge technology is deployed to engineer every part and MAK’s expert machine operators and fabricators construct each grill. Long story short, grills don’t come much better than this.

A Whole New Cooking Experience

When you purchase a MAK Grill (something you should definitely be doing if you’re any sort of outdoor cooking enthusiast), you won’t find gimmicky “features” that are destined to fail. But you will find a grill that redefines your outdoor cooking experience and does so with some considerable aplomb. With a MAK, pellet cooking is easier. It’s more consistent. And, crucially in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, it’s more fun. A MAK Grill isn’t just another pellet grill. It’s the last grill you’ll ever need. End of story.

Grilling is a way of life for some men and having something as accomplished as a MAK grill in your life will ramp up the pleasure of your outdoor cookouts exponentially. The quality of their products really is unparalleled and for those who value quality craftsmanship, materials and performance, look no further.

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