Tre Elements Concrete Tiles

Interior design is something that we appreciate massively here at Coolector HQ and whilst we don’t currently don’t have our own blank canvas to make our design stamp on, we’re forever on the lookout for cool, stylish ideas with which to decorate the home and that leads us nicely onto these glorious looking Tre Elements Concrete Tiles which are aesthetically superior to say the least.

For anyone looking for a unique means of decorating their wall spaces at how, which can be configured to your own interior design tastes, Tre Elements Concrete Tiles will tick the right boxes. These excellent pieces of design make use of precisely rendered angular contours which harness the beauty of symmetry and the dynamic interplay of depth, light and shadow not to mention the vibrant movement of geometric flow – or at least that’s what the creators of these great looking concrete tiles have got to say about their product.

All we know here at Coolector HQ is that we love the visual style that they create when deployed in modern, minimalist homes and if you’ve been seeking something that bit different, these might just be the ideal interior design ally. Check out a few more shots below:







With an almost endless amounts of ways in which you can arrange these fantastic looking tiles, you’ll not be short of options if you opt for Tre Elements Concrete Tiles for your next interior design project. Clever design and innovative craftsmanship combine to make one genuinely impressive product.

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