Makani Eka House

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Hawaii is home to a large amount of volcanoes and whilst you’re not expecting any architect in their right mind to build a house in the path of an active one, Makani Eka House from Walker Warner Architects is positioned on a hardened lava field and boasts a mesmerising aesthetic that we’ve fallen for mighty hard here at Coolector HQ.

Located on Kona in Hawaii, Makani Eka House from Walker Warner Architects sits atop a hardened lava field and this airy Hawaiian home boasts four separate structures with views of sky, sun, and water that are inspired by traditional Hawaiian villages – which the architects describe as being like modernist lean-tos.

Contemporary Hawaiian Architecture

Delivering a strong connection with the site’s natural surroundings of lava and grass, the structures of Makani Eka House all open to the outdoors and are connected with a lush courtyard and koi pond so the whole plot flows effortlessly and provides a relaxing space to rest and unwind. Canted steel columns alongside steep-pitched roofs, and rhomboidal window and door openings provide a real contemporary touch to proceedings and form the rich traditional and cultural design inspiration for the build.

Boasting a pleasing, understated aesthetic, Makani Eka House from Walker Warner Architects uses lava rock throughout the exterior as a reference to the design of the historic Mokuaikaua Church. Western red cedar has been chosen for the cladding and roof shingles ward are designed to ward off moisture and insects, while concrete flooring helps ensure the interior spaces keep cool during the hot days.

The interiors of Makani Eka House encompass around 4,800 square feet of the 1.5 acre site, but the positioning and orientation of the structures is purposively towards views which make the three-bedroom residence feel considerably more expansive than it actually is. The main living pod and the structure housing the master suite are the nearest to the ocean, while the three structures where you find the two guest suites and communal relaxation areas are located inward.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors

The flow of Makani Eka House is effortless and sliding doors are dotted throughout the residential building to allow inside spaces to flow seamlessly outdoors. A standout indoor/outdoor feature of this property is the custom concrete tub that occupies a cozy space outside the master bedroom.

Nestled away within the property are an array of outdoor seating areas for communal gatherings (after lockdown of course) and this is one thoroughly impressive piece of contemporary architecture which has the standout design feature of being positioned on a hardened lava field in one of Hawaii’s most picturesque plots.

Leo Davie