Malboro & Kane Claw 2.0 Multi-Tool

If you’re serious about your EDC, you’ll know that the right multi-tool will be the cornerstone of your line up and if, like us here at The Coolector, you like to keep things as small and minimal as possible, you’ll be in your element with this ace looking Claw 2.0 Multi-Tool from Malboro & Kane which is funding over on Kickstarter right now. This small but perfectly formed bit of kit is designed to help you slash boxes, pop bottles, turn hexes and much more. And all in under two inches of Grade 5 Titanium. Impressive stuff.

The Malboro & Kane Claw 2.0 Multi-Tool on Kickstarter can be yours for an introductory price of just $29 for the duration of the campaign and that, in our humble opinion, is a small price to pay for such a versatile and space-saving bit of apparatus that your EDC line up will thank you for. This first-class tool has a lifetime warranty for Kickstarter backers and comes with plenty of new features to set it apart from the brand’s Claw 1.0 that will make it a worthy investment.

Small But Mighty

You’ll be amazed at just how much functionality Malboro & Kane have managed to pack into their Claw 2.0 when you consider just how diminutive it is. Some of the stand out new features of this superb bit of EDC includes a flint striker, box cutter, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver and a chiselled blade end – all of which combine to make one incredibly versatile tool in just a two-inch package.

The Claw 2.0 from Malboro & Kane on Kickstarter (from $29) is precision engineered, which means that they have accounted for perfect angles, tolerance and downforce so, however you’re deploying the multi-tool on a daily basis, it’s not going to let you down. Offering a perfect balance and symmetry, this tool feels great in the hand despite its small size having the potential to feel fiddly – it fits just right for whatever action you’re carrying out, be it cracking open a beer or tightening up a screw.

Of all the tools crammed into this cracking piece of EDC from Malboro & Kane, it is the bottle opener that we’d be deploying with the greatest regularity given our proclivity for craft beer. The bottle opener on Claw 2.0 has been designed to fit around the tolerance of the vast majority of beer bottles found all over the world so, no matter the beer you’re looking to liberate, Claw 2.0 has got your back.

Ergonomically Designed From Top To Bottom

Everywhere you look with the small but perfectly formed Claw 2.0, there are features which have been implemented with ergonomics in mind from the finger ridge, which is designed to be the ideal incline for optimum force, to the rounded blade tip which makes sure that you’re not getting any unexpected sharp edges taking you by surprise in your pocket.

Priced at a decidedly reasonable $29 during the Kickstarter campaign and with a lifetime warranty for Kickstarter backers, make sure you don’t miss out on this majestic bit of EDC from Malboro & Kane. Designed to fit perfectly in any man’s pocket, this is the sort of EDC that will provide the finishing touch to your line up. Head on over to Kickstarter now to secure yours for an unbeatable price.

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