Man Crates Wilderness Survival Ammo Can

We’ve never been out in the wilderness to the extent whereby any sort of survival accessories will be required, we’re not exactly the Bear Grylls types here at Coolector HQ, but it never hurts to be prepared and we do head back out into the countryside again and, for that reason, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to have one of these cracking Wilderness Survival Ammo Cans from Man Crates stowed away.

Man Crates operate out of Palo Alto in California and boast a rather excellent selection of boxes for men of all shapes and sizes but for those who follow the outdoors lifestyle, there is few better choices than the Wilderness Survival Ammo Can which is filled to the brim with all manner of awesome supplies which will keep any explorer energised and well prepared for surviving extended periods of time out in the wild.

In this fantastic looking kit you will find all sorts of wares tailored made to surviving in the wilderness including a collapsible shovel, emergency glow sticks, 50ft paracord, waterproof, indestructible ammo can, authentic army survival manual and a range of foodstuffs that will keep the hunger at bay whilst you become a master of hunting / gathering. Check out a couple more shots below:



If you know anyone planning some adventures for 2015 or, indeed, you yourself are heading into the wild then having something as comprehensive and useful as this Wilderness Survival Kit from Man Crates will undoubtedly stand you in good for, you know, surviving the trip. Boasting all manner of useful apparatus and hunger busting food, this could just be the perfect companion for the nature treks and camping trips – unless, like us, you scoff all the food in the car journey there.

Price: $75

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