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Finding the right watch is, of course, dependent on the sort of features that you’re looking for, your budget and your own personal style preferences and it’s for this reason that it’s so important that there is such a breadth of watchmakers on the market today making fantastic timepieces to cater to every budget and taste and the latest to have garnering our attention is Havok Watches due to their stylish aesthetic and excellent craftsmanship.

The objective behind the aesthetically pleasing Havok Watches was to produce a timepiece that scores points for its visual appeal but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and that’s something that this first rate brand has admirably accomplished with a diverse and stylish series of timepieces which are currently being funded over on Kickstarter. With four designs to choose from – the Oxford, the Midnight, White Classic and Black Classic – each offering their own merits and design features, you’re sure to find a timepiece from Havok that matches your own style tastes.

There were three key objectives at the outset of the Havok Watch project, to create timepieces that were practical, minimal and affordable and, as you’ll soon see from the images below, it’s well and truly mission accomplished on all three fronts. Take a look at some shots of the impressive range of Havok watches below:

all 4 black background

Black classic sitting

Black Classic Train

date fcn4x3 copy

Oxford front key


Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 08.46.52

Screen shot 2015-01-13 at 08.47.44


The affordability of these excellent watches really sets them apart and they are an ideal choice for those men after a minimally designed timepiece. Boasting a case thickness of just 7mm and a lightweight, durable construction, there really is a lot to admire about these wonderfully stylish Havok Watches.

Another unusual, and welcome, feature from this first rate Kickstarter project is the double-sided watch strap which offers a little more visual flair to their already impressive watches. Whilst they won’t appease those who demand the very best components from their timepieces, Havok Watches are perfect for those men who want a watch that doesn’t mess around and simply delivers a great looking and extremely functional timepiece.

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