The Man with the Golden Liver

We’re partial to the odd tipple or two here at Coolector HQ but, truth be told, we’re not really in the same league as a certain James Bond when it comes to quaffing the cocktails. But, admittedly, we didn’t quite realise the extent to which Britain’s finest fictional spy was dependent on the sauce but this excellent little infographic from the British Medical Journal actually has some pretty dire news for 007 – namely that, given his alcohol consumption levels, he’d most likely have actually have been dead by 56.

Taking in facts and key scenes from various Bond movies, this great infographic explores the amounts and types of alcohol imbibed by Bond and postulates that, in fact, far from stopping bad guys in their tracks, he would have actually have had trouble functioning at all in many of the scenarios of peril he faces in the likes of Casino Royale, Skyfall and Quantum of Solace. You can check out the full infographic below:

bond infographic

So, as it transpires, Bond, far from being the sharp-shooting, womanising chap for which he is most famed – he, in actual fact, be somewhat of a drunkard entirely incapable of carrying out even the most simple of missions. Would have made for considerably less entertaining films, however.

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