Knife & Flag Aprons

We seldom have the requirement to rock an apron here at Coolector HQ but we’d like to think that when we do spend time in the kitchen or engaged in other manly pursuits like mixology and butchery that we’d opt for a mightily spiffing number. That being said, it isn’t surprising that we’ve got our beady eye on these supremely sartorial Knife & Flag Aprons.

Knife & Flag are the work of a craftsman and former tattoo artist and this inventive streak permeates all the aprons that are bought to market by this all-American brand. The superb array of aprons on offer from Knife & Flag are unparalleled in terms of their considerable visual appeal and the quality of the materials used in their construction really sets them apart. The first thing you will likely notice about Knife & Flag aprons is their vintage, no-nonsense appearance and we’re definite fans of this look here at Coolector HQ.

Each Knife & Flag apron is painstakingly handcrafted on vintage machinery and this extra attention to detail certainly shines through in the finished product. The sign of a good apron, so we are told, is one that doesn’t get in your way and these fantastically dapper offerings are purpose built to make sure that they don’t. You can check out why we love Knife & Flag aprons below:








Price: $120

Available: Knife & Flag.

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