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Most of us love the cities in which we live or have our own favourite cities around the world and will look for great looking bits of art that reflect this but there is a new, unique offering from a Swedish based company that goes by the name of Mapiful that have really caught our eye here at Coolector HQ.

But what makes Mapiful different you may well wonder? Well, permit us to explain – Mapiful are offering a truly mind-blowing selection of geographical based prints that will ensure that no matter which city you’ve got in mind to be hanging from your wall, Mapiful will be able to deliver and in a mightily impressive, aesthetically pleasing way.

Typically, when it comes to city based artwork for your walls, one’s choices are often limited to just major cities like Paris, London and New York but with Mapiful, the world really is your oyster. Using technology to let you choose from any place in the world and design your own unique map poster, you can explore interactive maps, zoom, customise and order your print. Check out some more shots of this stunning prints below:









We really love the look of these customisable prints from Mapiful that let you just capture the area of the city that you’re interested in and really are a great looking gift for someone who loves their city. Wonderfully conceived and executed, these city prints from Mapiful are printed using only top of the line high-end equipment on high quality matte paper so the finish is great.

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