Marloe Morar Dive Watches

Whilst the UK perhaps isn’t best known for its diving spots, there are plenty of bodies of water that are deep enough including the UK’s deepest body of water, Loch Morar. It is this loch which the new dive watch from Marloe Watch Company takes its inspiration and this robust, no-nonsense timepiece is one of our favourite to date from the leading UK based watchmaker.

The Morar Dive Watches from Marloe Watch Company are available in five different colourways and for a reasonable price of £449. If you want to get your hands on a timepiece that looks the part and doesn’t mess around from a performance perspective, the Morar is the one for you in 2020. Marloe Watch Company name all their watches after bodies of water, mainly in the UK but sometimes further afield. When they conceived their dive watch project they knew the name was going to be of utmost importance, and the depth of the water would be similarly so. Luckily they have a hugely deep loch in Scotland, Loch Morar, which is 310 metres deep and was the design inspiration for this fantastic line up of timepieces.

Devilishly Dapper Dive Watches

Three years in the making, the Morar Dive Watches from Marloe Watch Company are unique, robust, resolved and distinguished. It’s been a labour of love for the watchmaker and they’re understandably overjoyed to put their name to it and send it out into the world because it is unquestionably one of the coolest looking dive watches on the market and the fact that you can get one on your wrist for under £500 is the real icing on the cake.

Put simply, Marloe Watch Company designed the Morar Dive Watches (£449) to be a dive watch that can be used as a dive watch. They follow very few rules except one; nothing unnecessary. If it doesn’t need to be there, it shouldn’t be there. By following this ethos it allows them to design freely and accurately, knowing that only the elements that bring utility and clarity to the design will make the cut. This precision in design shines through in the Morar Dive Watches and makes them amongst the most accomplished on the market for the price tag.

The dial markings of the Morar Dive Watches take their design inspiration from the shape of shells. The cardinal points all reference bi-valve shells, with the “12” marking being a slightly different shape that is repeated on the bezel pip for continuity. Around the dial you’ll witness the deeply engraved bezel which has a 60-minute countdown timer, which can be rotated to the minute hand, giving a 60-minute window of reference. It is powered by the Miyota 9039, a low-hand-height version of the legendary 9015. This movement was picked to keep the Morar as thin as possible. It features a stunning 28,800bph smooth hand sweep, which can be hacked for precise time synchronisation and has the ability to be manually wound as well.

Exquisite Attention To Detail

There are plenty of eye-catching features to be appreciated with the Morar but chief amongst them is how the dial surface boasts a sand texture, which is a nod to the sea-bed and has a radially brushed ring around the outside, with more accurate minute markings. The Marloe Watch Company logo is raised off the sand, and the “310” logo is a wonderfully domed, glossy bubble that catches reflections.

Each watch comes engraved with sequential numbering, so you know exactly which Morar you have and the hour markings of the watch mimic a simplified whorl shell. The biggest reason for these shapes was to give maximum real estate for luminous compound. Lume works on a density principle; the more of it there is, the brighter and more long-lasting it is. Marloe wanted the best of both these features and so have created a multi-printed marking that lasts longer than any luminous compound we have seen.

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