Marmansk Urbana Black Collection

Finding the perfect bags and accessories for all your outdoor and urban adventure this spring and summer can be tricky but when you find everything you need within one collection, you’re laughing. Well, that’s exactly the situation we find ourselves in currently with the superbly stylish and versatile Urbana Black Collection of bags and accessories from the guys at Marmansk.

This fantastic line up of accessories has something for everyone, regardless of the sort of adventures you’re planning over the next few months. The Urbana Black Collection from Marmansk is streetwear inspired and chock full with uber-sleek backpacks and bags that will make you travel light and free.

Check out the best pieces from Marmansk’s Urbana Black Collection of bags and accessories below:

Urbana Classic Daypack ($89)

For the ultimate city travel companion, the Classic Daypack from Marmansk ($89) is tough to beat. It boasts a superior classic design that effortlessly compliments its urban versatility. It features dedicated compartments for your tech and EDC essentials and can carry all your digital and business necessities like your laptop, tablet, important documents and more – making it easy to organise all you require for your working day.

Purpose built with weather and adventure resistant materials, robust padded straps and breathable back panel, the Classic Daypack provides unparalleled comfort for your normal everyday use, daily commutes and heading to the gym. With such a solid build and spacious storage, it can also be used for day hikes, exploring the city and many other outdoor adventures this spring and summer. ($89)

Urbana Messenger Bag ($79)

Larger than the Sling Bag (more about that later but smaller than a normal backpack, the Urbana Messenger Bag ($79) features an extremely comfortable and contemporary aesthetic that we’re loving here at The Coolector. Great value for money, this messenger lets you carry your stuff in style and includes a grab handle that makes it easy to grab and go or attach it to your suitcase effortlessly. Not just your regular smart organiser but also your personal style statement – it’s a real all-rounder.

Crafted from reinforced fabrics to help protect your belongings and breathable materials to support a continuous, odourless daily use, this Messenger Bag from Marmansk is one impressive accessory. Although ideally suited for bike messengers and couriers, this great alternative to backpacks can be used in many ways, such as a mail bag, a student bag and even to carry your laptop or other electronic devices. ($79)

Urbana Sling Bag ($69)

Want to pack light and move freely around the city? You need the Marmansk Urbana Sling Bag ($69) in your life. It brings you the perfect low-profile aesthetic, easy access storage and better weight distribution across your body. The favourite bag style for a lot of people out there courtesy of its smaller size, versatility and design, the Sling Bag is an exceptionally functional and simple to use accessory but also a cool addition to your streetwear line up. What’s more, it’s great for emptying your pockets or for carrying just that little bit more day in, day out.

Made of high-quality materials with dirt-resistant and water-repellent fabrics – plus an outer zipper pocket to easily store all your essentials – the Urbana Sling Bag is particularly good for warmer climates or outdoor adventures that you can comfortably wear across the chest or back. Unbeatable mobility and an ergonomic design deliver you with the freedom you need to carry out your tasks and fully explore the city in style. ($69)

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