Marquette Castings Cookware

If you’re serious about your cooking, you need serious cookware. Luckily, there are some brands out there who go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supplying top quality cooking accessories and you can certainly count Marquette Castings chief amongst them. This is something which is typified by their excellent selection of cast iron cookware which will be the ideal choice for cooking in the kitchen or out in the wild during a camping trip because, believe us, these pans are built to last.

Marquette Castings operate out of Detroit, Michigan, and were founded by the Steckling brothers who count themselves as “makers” before makers was a thing. This stands their products in good stead and the Marquette Castings Cookware is amongst the finest on the market and delivers both an aesthetic appeal and unparalleled cooking performance. When the Steckling brothers saw an opportunity to really improve upon the current cast iron skillet, Marquette Castings was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

Competing for the Iron Throne

There is a clear attention to quality and craftsmanship to the wares from Marquette Castings and in order to craft skillets that are both smoother and lighter, they make use of an entirely different method than any other cast iron cookware manufacturer. The quality of the casting is limited by the quality of the mold that it comes from but with the Marquette Castings molds, which are made from ceramic shells, this allows for thinner wall sections and smoother finishes than any other iron casting method and the calibre of the performance is second to none as a result.

One of the stand out product from Marquette Castings is their No 10.5 Skillet ($194.95) which has a handle which was designed to fit perfectly in your hand and the forked design makes sure that it is cooler than traditional cast iron handles and doesn’t deliver any unwanted surprises when you go to pick it up. As Marquette Castings have created various sizes of skillets, that handle didn’t change. No matter what size skillet you are using, your hand stays the same size. The Redline skillets are designed with tall walls making them optimal for baking.

Offering cookware from a wide array of materials including cast iron, carbon steel and enamel, you’ll be sure to find the perfect choice of skillet for you from Marquette Castings. We love outdoor cooking here at Coolector HQ and this first class cookware is definitely built with the great outdoors in mind with a robust finish and high end materials used from top to bottom throughout the design process. All of the pans go through several finishing processes to grind the gates smooth, remove all left over shell material and complete the final surface preparation and this includes sandblasting which provides them with the highly attractive aesthetic.

Cooking Essentials

If you don’t have a carbon steel skillet in your kitchen, you’re definitely missing an absolutely essential piece of cookware and if now is the time to get one (or replace an old one), there are few better choices than Marquette Castings. Their innovative design and build processes really does set them apart from the competition and the quality of their creations is second to none in both performance and visuals.

There is no better time of year to get your outdoor cook on than summer and there is no better implement for the job than a cast iron grill. Marquette Castings are certainly sitting at the top table when it comes to producing the sort of cooking apparatus that we love to use here at The Coolector and if you find yourself in need of some excellent new cooking equipment, they really should be one of your first ports of call.

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