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Timepieces are great. We love watches here at The Coolector. There are so many fantastic watchmakers in the world but, lamentably, the very best are, as you would expect I suppose, prohibitively expensive and this makes them inaccessible to most.

Fortunately, however, there are watchmakers out there who are still dedicated to crafting fantastic timepieces that look superb and boast the performance of more expensive watches but without the five figure price tags. One such watchmaker that falls into this category is that of Martenero watches which are new to us here at The Coolector but they are now well and truly on our radar.

Martenero are a New York based watchmaker which were founded by two chaps with a love of timepieces by the name of Matt O’Dowd and John Tarantino and, after a chance encounter, Martenero watches was born. The timepieces that they produce are heavily centred around design and durability but without the price-tags we’ve come to expect from the likes of TAG Heuer, Breitling, IWC et al.




Each component of a Martenero watch is sourced individually and whilst this takes a little longer, the finished product makes it worth it and we here at The Coolector have been left thoroughly impressed with their exceptional looking watches which don’t cost an arm and a leg.

It’s watchmakers like Martenero who help bring back a love of watches for us here at The Coolector. A small, dedicated watchmaker that has created their brand through a love of timepieces and a desire to provide first rate watches to the men of the world that don’t cost the earth but boast the visual appeal and performance that we typically demand.

Price: $500

Available: Martenero Watches

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