Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag

When it comes to carries built for adventure and time spent in the great outdoors, you’d be hard pressed to find a brand that do it better than the guys at Matador. If you’re in for some water based adventures this coming spring and summer, you’ll be well served to get your hands on one of their great looking and supremely functional Matador Droplet XL Dry Bags (but they’re sold out at present so you’ll need to get your name down on that wait list).

The Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag is a 20 litre, fully waterproof carry with a clever little silicone storage droplet that will make it incredibly portable for all your wilderness excursions.  Extremely easy to have on hand for beaches, trips abroad and, most suitably, watersports, given its excellent performance near water and capacity for getting wet. Matador are great at making full sized bags and shrinking them down and this is one of the best examples of this to date from the US outdoor lifestyle brand.

Water Water Everywhere

As with all the products that emerge from the Matador stable, the Droplet XL Dry Bag is exceptionally robust and hard wearing but also lightweight enough to be ported about on any outdoor adventure. This superb little accessory is a seriously light dry bag which has been crafted from 100% waterproof material to be ideal for any water based activity. It has a Hypalon® rolltop closure, YKK® buckle, and taped seams to ensure its strength and performance at all times.

The Droplet XL Dry Bag from Matador comes replete with an decidedly cool silicone droplet storage case and aluminum carabiner so it can easily be whacked on your rucksack and forgotten about until the time comes that you need to use it. It is very straightforward to clip it on your beach bag, append it to your canoe, or stow it away on woodland treks. Ideally suited for keeping any gear you’ve got dry, or storing a wetsuits and other wet items after watersports.

Impressive in the storage stakes, the 20 litre capacity of the Matador Droplet XL Dry Bag gives you enough room to pack in a surprising amount of your gear but, crucially, will still pack down to fit in the palm of your hand when not in use so it won’t take up any unnecessary space on your outdoor trips and adventures. Matador are bringing this adventure essential into everyday life, with a real emphasis on minimal design and unparalleled packability.

Robust, Resilient Performance

Needless to say, Matador have put a lot of thought into the design of this product and the materials used in order to ensure it doesn’t let you down when you’re out and about enjoying everything that the great outdoors has to offer. Whether it’s keeping your wet stuff enclosed or keeping your dry stuff protected from water, it excels in every way and we’re not surprised that it’s currently sold out on the Matador site.

Versatile, robust and with a surprisingly abundant amount of storage, the Droplet XL Dry Bag from Matador is going to be an essential addition to many adventures this summer so we recommend getting yourself in line for one this cracking carry comes back into stock over on the Matador site.

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