Maurice Lacroix Pontos Blue Devil Dive Watch

We have to admit, there is something about dive watches in particular that draw our attention here at Coolector HQ and whilst not all are created equal, of course, there are some that clearly stand head and shoulders above the competition. The Pontos Blue Devil Dive Watch from Maurice Lacroix is one such timepiece. And it’s awesome.


Maurice Lacroix are a watchmaker with an impressive back catalogue of first rate watches and whilst they may not be best known for their dive watches, this Blue Devil offering looks very capable of bucking this trend and putting them map amongst those looking for the ultimate in underwater timepieces.

Devil in the Detail

Watches live and die by their details and specifications and the Blue Devil dive watch from Maurice Lacroix’s Pontos series of timepieces is unquestionably one that is going to appeal on multiple levels. Not only is it frightfully attractive to look at, it boasts the sort of robust materials and features that make it the perfect candidate for your deep blue sea adventures. With decidedly modern specifications that will withstand all that any ocean can throw at it, it isn’t difficult to see why excitement is high around the Blue Devil from Maurice Lacroix.



Starting with the water resistance, a rather important prerequisite of any dive watch, the Blue Devil has 60ATM which, truth be told, is likely to be more than you’re ever going to need and it backs this up with materials that stand out from the crowd. You’ll find 43mm stainless steel casing with an internal rotating bezel via crown at two’o’clock position and a number of different strap choices including leather, rubber and steel – so you’re sure to find one that matches your style requirements.

The royal blue dial is, of course, one of the most striking features of this dive watch from Maurice Lacroix and very in keeping with its nautical usage. It accents this blue very successfully with yellow hands that provide the sort of legibility that is essential for a dive watch and for any lover of the open water looking for a new timepiece, this is definitely going to tick plenty of the right boxes.

A Watch Built for Water

Maurice Lacroix haven’t established themselves as one of the most respected watchmakers out there for no reason and the specifications found in this Blue Devil dive watch are going to show why they are held in such high regard. It boasts a ML115 (Sellita sw200) movement that will guarantee the accuracy of the watch and it has the sort of understated, yet rugged, aesthetic which is essential for all of the best dive watches.


This spectacular looking watch really is the whole package as it comes replete with the different types of straps mentioned earlier and, being a limited edition watch (just 100 pieces are to be made), it has the sort of cache that will make it appeal to any luxury watch aficionado, especially those on the hunt for a watch to wear whilst diving.

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