Whilst we personally prefer the understated when it comes to watches here at Coolector HQ, we know there are plenty of men out there who want to make a bold style statement with their choice of timepiece and for those men, watches like this MB & F HOROLOGICAL MACHINE N°7 Aquapod are going to more than fit the bill. Making an imposing presence on the wrist, this striking timepiece is the luxury watchmaker’s take on a dive watch after they’ve conquered the skies, outer space and the race track with their previous releases.

The MB & F HOROLOGICAL MACHINE N°7 Aquapod Watch is certainly a statement accessory that will turn heads aplenty with its mesmerising construction and movement that has to be seen to be believed. The organic jellyfish-inspired design of HM7 Aquapod is counter-balanced by the extremely mechanical horology to be found within: a central 60-second flying tourbillon tops the concentric vertical movement architecture, with indications radiating out from the centre like ripples in a pond in what must be one of the most visually impactful movements seen in a wristwatch.

Seaworthy Timepiece 

There are plenty of nautical inspired design features to be enjoyed with the HM7 Aquapod Watch from MB & F and this includes the fact that, like many jelly fish, this watch glows in the dark: on the hour and minute numerals, around the inside of the movement and along the tentacle-like winding rotor. Made from Grade 5 titanium or 18k 5N+ red gold or Platinum 950, depending on the model you choose, this is a supremely tough and eye-catching watch that embodies the breathtaking nature of the timepieces released by MB & F.

The MB & F HM7 Aquapod Watch has a 303-component movement that delivers the mesmerising movement of the watch with 72-hour power reserve HM7 Engine which was developed in-house by MB&F. Spherically three-dimensional, all its mechanisms – from the winding rotor at the bottom, to the flying tourbillon on top – rotate concentrically around the centre for a visually stunning display. The curves of the high-domed sapphire crystal are mirrored in the shape of the time display rings and will make it impossible to take your eyes off during the day.

With a 50m water resistance, the HM7 Aquapod will be right by your side on any underwater adventures and deliver a first class performance from the minute you head beneath the waves until you re-emerge. The hours and minutes are displayed by two aluminium / titanium spherical segment discs which rotate on oversized central ceramic bearings (for the Platinum Red edition, three-dimensional “floating” hour and minute numerals) and you’ll find it hard to find another timepiece with a display quite as compelling as the Aquapod.

Taking Flight 

One of the most impressive features of the HM7 Aquapod from MB & F is the flying tourbillon which sits at the at the very top of the movement and is positioned for maximum appreciation by day, while three panels of AGT Ultra (Ambient Glow Technology) lume around the inside of the movement which will illuminate the tourbillon by night. Whilst this isn’t ostensibly a dive watch, it is a timepiece comfortably at home in the water – so MB&F added the one element that all serious aquatic watches possess: a unidirectional rotating bezel. But unlike every other dive watch, Aquapod’s bezel isn’t attached to the case, but floats apart.

Needless to say, the aesthetics of the HM7 Aquapod won’t appeal to everyone but for those who like to make style statements with their accessory choices, it’s going to be a perfect match. A glorious example of complicated watch movements being added to the wrist in striking style, this breathtaking watch from MB & F won’t be your first choice of dive watch but as statement pieces go, it’s tough to beat.

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