MBI Matchbox Flashlight

When it comes to flashlights, you’re always going to need them from time to time but you’re not going to want to carry around cumbersome ones, particularly when you’re camping and when to keep your load to a minimum. Well, things don’t get much more minimal than these excellent looking MBI Matchbox Flashlights which are currently funding over on Indiegogo and, somewhat extraordinary, come in a matchbox, with each torch being smaller than your average matchstick.

The MBI Matchbox Flashlight are tiny little torches that come in packs of eight and are not only waterproof but also provide an impressive amount of light given their diminutive size. Ideally suited to emergencies when you need light unexpectedly, the MBI Matchbox Flashlight can be easily carried around in a pocket and relied upon when you need them.

The minuscule LED light at the tip of the matchstick style torch is available in a number of different colours – red, green and white – and is billed as being the world’s smallest production flashlight. Given they are so lightweight and portable, you can keep a few packets in your wallet or around your workspace should you ever need them in a pinch. Check out a few more shots below:







For those of you who regularly go camping or work in places where light is unexpectedly not playing ball from time to time then having a pocket full of these MBI Matchbox Flashlights will certainly be a good idea.

If you like what you see with this clever little design project, there is still plenty of time to show support for it over on Indiegogo.

Show Support: Indiegogo

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