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LEGO is all well and good if you’re a child but it’s a bit of a difficult sell to get away with if you’re an adult but if you’re looking for something a bit more grown up, the brilliant looking products from Mini Materials might be just the ticket.

Mini Materials are, as the name suggests, a selection of small building materials that include things like cinder blocks, wooden palettes and wooden planks which can be all used in conjunction to make some cracking looking constructs that will blow LEGO out of the water.

Described as the¬†finest made miniature construction material, if you see yourself as a architect in the making, you’ll love the freedom that these great building blocks provide and you can take a look at a few more shots of them below:







For those of you who are a big kid at heart and long for the days of your LEGO pomp but want something a touch more grown up, this cracking selection of building blocks from Mini Materials will be the ideal compromise.

Suitable for building all sorts of workspace accessories such as phone holders and the like, the only thing holding you back so far as Mini Materials are concerned is your own imagination.

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