MBLOK Memory Cube

Memory is something that we cherish both from a human perspective but it is also vitally important as far as our technology is concerned as well and a clever little device that goes by the name of the MBLOK Memory Cube has got us covered from both angles. Billed as one memory device for all your technology needs, this clever little fellow has caught our eye at The Coolector and given our proclivity for porting data about, it is certainly right up our street.

The MBLOK Memory Cube can be paired with your various devices via Bluetooth and can be used to share songs, data and all of your content simply and effectively. Managing data across multiple devices has become a bit of an issue for most who use lots of different gadgets and the MBLOK aims to act as a bridge between your different devices and make it considerably more straightforward to do everything that you want to with your data. Check out a few shots of the MBLOK below:






We firm fans of little bits of technology that are of genuine value to those who use gadgets with great frequency and the MBLOK Memory Cube definitely fits into this bracket. If you’re a regular streaming of music, videos and have plenty of data that you want to access simply and effectively, you’ve got a new best friend in the form of this cracking little device which is currently seeking funding over on Kickstarter.

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