Famous World Cup Moments by Nick Barclay

As you may have realised, we’re more than a little excited about the impending arrival of the World Cup in Brazil in less than a month now and we’re scouring the deepest recesses of the internet in search of some football based fantasticness to tide us over until the event kicks off on June 12th. Well, in the form of these Famous World Cup Prints by Nick Barclay, we’ve found exactly that and for any fan of football and minimalism, they’re the perfect combo.

Nick Barclay is an Australian freelance designer and illustrator who also has a love of the beautiful game and has captured some of the most iconic moments from the World Cups of yore with an extremely simplistic yet devilishly striking set of prints. Maradona’s infamous “Hand of God” and Geoff Hurst’s debatable goal again Germany in the World Cup of 1966 are our two favourites here at Coolector HQ and we are definitely eager to get some of these spiffing prints hanging on our walls before the big kick off.

Available: Nick Barclay Designs

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