McIntosh MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier

When listening to music through your headphones, the sound quality is, of course, largely dependent on the capabilities and qualities of the headphones in question but if you’ve already got great headphones and want to increase the sound quality still further then you’re in luck because that’s exactly what this superb looking McIntosh MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier does – and it does it with aplomb.

The McIntosh MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier gives you impeccable sound quality – akin to the top of the range audio devices from the brand – wherever you go and this cracking little bit of kit can make your music sound its finest – and almost certainly superior to how you’ve ever heard it before – and all this through your existing pair of headphones. Intrigued? Read on, sir.

Superior Sound Quality

Headphones today are already capable of delivering pretty impressive sound quality but, for real connoisseurs of music who only want nothing but the best, this great little device from McIntosh could be just what you’ve been waiting for. The MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier includes wired inputs for Apple® iOS and Android OTG1 devices plus Mac® and Windows® computers.2 In addition, it can also wirelessly connect to these devices via Bluetooth® 4.1 with aptX™ technology that makes sure you get the highest possible sound quality from your Bluetooth source device.

The small but perfectly formed McIntosh MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier is able to decode song files from more or less any digital source and outputs audio that far better to what your device on its own is able to deliver. It supports 32-bit/192kHz hi-res audio, DSD64, DSD128, DSD256, DXD352.8, DXD384 files and asynchronous USB audio so the versatility on offer really is second to none. A generous 3,000 mAh rechargeable battery makes sure you get up to 6 hours of playback on a single charge when connected to a source device via Bluetooth so you’ll be able to listen to all your favourite tunes on the go and in unparalleled quality.

It is an extremely lightweight and portable device that is easy to take on the go with you. This superb little accessory from McIntosh sits comfortably in your hand or pocket and its elegant design boasts a glass front panel with a touch sensitive volume control knob which is similar to the classic knobs found on countless McIntosh amplifiers, preamplifiers​ and other products. Crafted predominantly from robust extruded aluminium which has some inherent noise shielding capabilities that will help block out external interference and deliver sound quality like no other.

Stylish Design 

Boasting an eye-catching design and quality materials in its construction, this first rate device from McIntosh is more than just improving the sound quality of your music, it is a striking piece of tech in its own right. It works with all types of headphones from small in-ear models to bigger over-ear studio type designs so, regardless of the sort of audio equipment you use to listen to your music, this cracking bit of kit from McIntosh can help enhance the quality.

For anyone with a real love of music who wants to significantly ramp up their listening pleasure, this McIntosh MHA50 Portable Decoding Amplifier will be a real winning ticket. Boasting impressive technological features and a cool, minimalist design to match its immense portability, there’s no reason not to carry one of these around if you love your music.

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