McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable

We’ve had our heads turned by a number of record players here at Coolector HQ but there is something quite unique and alluring about the sensational looking McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable which is being billed as the ultimate in turntables for the contemporary vinyl aficionado. This first class device offers a modern home audio system for modern lifestyles and the quality of the aesthetics and performance are both second to none.

The McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable is unquestionably one of the most striking record players that you’ll come across and if you like to make a style statement with you choice of tech around the home, this one will more than fit the bill. This exceptionally well made audio device is a turntable, preamplifier and amplifier all rolled into one and includes Bluetooth® and auxiliary inputs so all you need to do for the ultimate in listening pleasure is add your music and some speakers.

McIntosh Does It Again

We never cease to be amazed by the calibre of the wares released from the McIntosh workshop and the MTI100 Integrated Turntable may well be one of their finest offerings to date. This first class device might just look like a turntable, but upon closer inspection, you will see that it is in fact so much more than that. A truly a one-of-a-kind product which is designed for those who want maximum flexibility in their home audio system but don’t want – or don’t have the space for – a large audio system in their home. With all the built-in connectivity the MTI100 Integrated Turntable offers, it can become the focal point of a contemporary home audio system for modern living.

Besides the turntable which is suitable for playing both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm vinyl records, the MTI100 Integrated Turntable from McIntosh also boasts a power amplifier, a vacuum tube preamplifier section, a shielded phono preamplifier, an unbalanced auxiliary input, digital audio coaxial and optical inputs, a Bluetooth receiver, a subwoofer output, stereo speaker outputs for sharing your music with friends, and a headphone jack for personal listening – so, long story short, this is the ultimate listening device for fans of all things vinyl.

The 7 pound machined aluminium platter of the McIntosh MTI100 sits atop the unit. This and the matching machined aluminium tonearm with anti-skate sit atop a 3/8” (9.5mm) thick piece of glass – the same glass you’ll find in the front panels of their larger amplifiers; this in turn sits atop a custom 1/4” (6.35mm) thick metal plate that is instrumental in supplying stability to the turntable. The combined heftiness of both the platter and metal plate helps resist and absorb noise that could be caused by external vibrations.

Contemporary Performance

There is a highly impressive amount of tech going into the McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable and it delivers a thoroughly contemporary performance as a result. You can stream music to the turntable via its High Definition Bluetooth 4.2 input that makes sure you receive the highest sound quality possible from your Bluetooth device. An external Bluetooth antenna helps achieve optimal reception and signal quality. The analog and digital audio allow external sources, such as a TV, tuner or CD Player, to be connected as well.

If you find yourself in the market for a new turntable in 2019 and feel like pushing out the boat a little, the McIntosh MTI100 Integrated Turntable would be our top pick here at Coolector HQ. Technologically superior with an unparalleled visual impact, this top notch turntable is one of the brand’s finest pieces of audio equipment to date and will ensure that your vinyl collection is treated to the sound quality that it deserves.

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