McIntosh Precision Turntable

We’re not exactly accomplished DJs here at Coolector HQ and, in fact, I do believe the last piece of vinyl that we owned was “Do the Bart Man” by Bart Simpson which, hopefully, won’t see you judge us too severely as it was probably over two decades ago. This being said, our lack of vinyl ownership doesn’t mean that we don’t appreciate exceptional design and that, sir, is exactly what we are presented with in the form of this rather spiffing McIntosh Precision Turnable.

Described by Rolling Stone Magazine thusly:

The turnable of the Gods…

Well, we don’t know about that given we’ve not been made privy to God’s turnable tendencies but what we do know is that the McIntosh Precision Turnable is an impressive beast indeed made up of some mightily high end parts – we’re talking your Elliptical Diamond stylus, silicon acrylic platter, aluminium cantilever and eccentric counterweight – yep, don’t know what a single one of those things is but when it results in a finished product as devilishly dapper as the McIntosh Precision Turnable, we care not one jot here at Coolector headquarters. Check out the great looking device below:


The McIntosh Precision Turnable definitely doesn’t come cheap but you pay for quality and that’s what you’re getting here. If you’re a vinyl aficionado who can legitimately justify spending thousands on a record player then you might as well go the whole hog and opt for one as patently superb as this one. I reckon our Do The Bart Man will sound great on this.

Price: $6,500

Available: McIntosh

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