Michihiro Matsuoka Sculptures

We like our sculpture madcap here at Coolector HQ and this is a desire that is definitely well sated by the excellent work of a fantastically eclectic Japanese sculptor by the name of Michihiro Matsuoka who has crafted a wonderfully bonkers array of figures that will amuse and amaze in equal measure.

The steampunk-esque offerings from Matsuoka are patently right up our street at The Coolector and the incredibly intricate creations are supremely inventive and for anyone after unusual pieces of artwork for their home, you’d find it difficult to top these works of genius. Creating a multitude of mechanic animals such as rabbits, goldfish and octopus, Matsuoka has really captured our imagination with his work here at Coolector HQ and you can check out a few of our favourite pieces below:








The visual appeal of Matsuoka’s pieces is unparalleled and it is clear how much thought and precision has gone into their crafting. We not ones for run of the mill art and sculpture here at Coolector HQ and, it’s fair to say, this isn’t something that applies to the work of Matsuoka, who has left us agog with his top notch creations. We’re definitely going to follow the rest of this talented fellow’s creation and cannot wait to see what else he has got in store in the future.

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