Mikeasaurus Glow Table

When it comes to interior design, it pays to be a shepherd and not a sheep and dare to do your own thing from a design point of view and that’s something that San Francisco based, Mikeasaurus AKA Mike Warren did with his brilliant looking Glow Table and, even better still, we know have the opportunity to purchase one of our own.

The Mikeasaurus Glow Table is made by combining¬†Photoluminescent (glow) powder mixed with Pecky Cypress hardwood and the aesthetic appeal of the finished product is quite like anything else we’ve seen here at The Coolector and we dare say there will be plenty of others out there won over by the unusual and striking visual appeal of this superb Glow Table from Mikeasaurus. Take a look at a couple more shots below:



The powder used to create the glow charges up in the sunlight and emits a cool blue glow when left in darkness so you’re not going to have many pieces of furniture that can rival the Glow Table in the aesthetic department.

We’re loving the unusual nature of this first class piece of furniture and for anyone looking to dramatically improve their own workspace we can think of few better options that a Glow Table from Mikeasaurus.

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