Mil-Spec Auto Launch Edition #003

Luxury is perhaps something that is in the eye of the beholder but, if we’re being honest, there are some things where the luxury is so abundantly clear that it’s impossible to ignore. The Mil-Spec Auto Launch Edition #003 is one such example of this and has a price tag to match – with base models starting at $239,000. This stunning steed boasts a clean and understated aesthetic which has been coupled with Mil-Spec Auto’s “Afterburner Grey” paint scheme to dramatic effect.

The Mil-Spec Auto Launch Edition #003 was directly crafted through the workshop’s executive team in order to showcase a cleanly ordered Launch Edition package. This magnificent machine features a unique configuration of factory options that they believe display a minimalist philosophy and design aesthetic. This is the first “factory direct” unit to be offered directly to the general public by Mil-Spec Auto and, as you can see, they’ve hit a home run off the bat.

Majestic Looking Machine With Out of this World Performance

Everything about the Mil-Spec Auto Launch Edition #003 draws the eye and the design of both the interiors and exteriors are magnificently considered in order to deliver the ultimate in both performance and luxury. The overriding objective of Mil-Spec Auto is to craft re-envisioned vehicles that encompass the new era of adventure through exclusive utility and unparalleled performance.

They offer a wonderfully eye-catching visual impact with their creations that truly sets their work apart from the crowd and nowhere is this more noticeable than with this spectacular Mil-Spec Auto Launch Edition #003. Their team of designers and engineers puts focus on integrating relevant technology and products into a package that improves upon already proven platforms.

The capacity to start with a blank canvas is a first class opportunity in an automotive context and that’s why Mil-Spec Auto gravitate towards the Hummer H1’s exterior design because it is function oriented, and it is highly iconic. In order to bring it into the 21st century, they replaced the outdated interior with a groundbreaking new interior design which really does the vehicle justice. This interior was designed, engineered, and manufactured completely in house in Mil-Spec Auto’s workshop. They are dedicated to perfection, with no shortcuts.

Improving Upon Perfection

Needless to say, the Hummer is already a mighty impressive ride but Mil-Spec Auto have enhanced it exponentially in a number of ways with their brilliant Launch Edition #003. They strive to improve each build’s quality, aesthetics, and performance with every truck and each one is hand built by a 12 person team. The team is separated into focus groups that are specialized in each element of the production process.

Though it has a price tag of nigh on a quarter of a million dollars, and will have a select clientele as a result, it is hard not to be mesmerised by the Mil-Spec Auto Launch Edition #003. Glorious to look at and boasting an unparalleled performance due to the sheer attention to detail that has gone into each and every element of the design both inside and out. A truly extraordinary machine.

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