Miller Lane Residence

Building a home is a difficult process at the best of times but building one in an area known for hurricanes ramps up the pressure still further and this excellent looking Miller Lane Residence in New Orleans has been carefully considered to be as hurricane proof as possible. Designed by M2 Studio, the Miller Lane Residence is located in the northern part of New Orleans next to Lake Pontchartrain, and has various forms of protection implemented to help protect it from hurricane storm surges.

The Miller Lane Residence from M2 Studio has an earth berm levee which aims to deliver a barrier between the home and the lake, and makes sure that the main structure will remain unaffected during a hurricane. A main area of concern during the design process was to make sure the views from each proposed floor were maximised and in order to do that, the architects brought in a mechanical lift to scope it out.

Deep South Sensibilities

Perhaps not the sort of architecture you typically expect to see in New Orleans, the Miller Lane Residence has a decidedly contemporary look and feel which plays into its endeavours to be as hurricane proof as possible. The ground floor of the property is where you’ll find the main public / living spaces such as the angled kitchen and living room that benefit from the exceptionally high ceilings which give the property a light and airy feel. It has polished concrete floors which reside alongside black and white elements, and various shades of grey for a muted, minimalistic interior design aesthetic.

Exceptionally striking from a design point of view, the M2 Studio designed Miller Lane Residence has a cantilevered second floor which has views out over the living space below and also housing the private family spaces behind an expansive, curved wall. The staircase is a eye-catching feature of the property and it is open with walnut treads that get support from hidden floating steel plates and it is a real focal point of the living space of the Miller Lane Residence.

Head to the third floor of the Miller Lane Residence and you’ll be treated to spectacular views of Lake Pontchartrain and a great living space to relax and unwind away from it all. This stunning home is geared towards laid back living for its owners with understated design elements but has also been cleverly designed to make sure that it is well protected from the storm surges that typically follow hurricane activity in the area.

Modern Living

Everywhere you look with the Miller Lane Residence you’ll see a modern design feature or a piece of contemporary architecture that really helps make this home stand out from the crowd. Boasting breathtaking views of the lakes beyond and immensely luxurious within, it’s safe to say that M2 Studio have done a fantastic job of delivering a sensational home which is both welcoming and hurricane ready.

The Miller Lane Residence has definitely caught our eye here at Coolector HQ and for anyone with a love of modern architecture, you’ll likely be sitting up and taking notice as well. With a breathtaking spot overlooking Lake Pontchartrain and some cracking design features throughout, we can’t wait to see what M2 Studio come up with for their next project here at Coolector HQ.

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