Pure Cycles CAPACITA Electric Bike

The older you get, the more the thought of an electric bike appeals to help with those inclines and to give you a little extra push when you need it. You’ll not find many better steeds to throw your money at than the Pure Cycles CAPACITA Electric Bike which looks to be both one of the coolest and most accomplished e-bikes on the market and for those looking for a new mode of transportation this summer, this gets our vote at The Coolector.

Designed to carry kids, cargo, and everything in-between for up to 40 miles, the Pure Cycles CAPACITA Electric Bike is a real workhorse of a machine and you’ll be blown away by its performance potential. Carrying cargo is something that most e-bikes don’t factor into their design but the CAPACITA puts it front and centre of their thinking and it will offer you both a highly functional ride with the extra versatility of being able to port plenty about with you as you go.

Powerful Performance

In order to match the potentially family sized cargo, the battery on the Pure Cycles CAPACITA Electric Bike has increased pedal assist power – so, just like the electric commuter, embarrassing the friendly roadies in your neighbourhood won’t be too much of a problem about this contraption. Billed as the smartest e-bike to hit the market to date, this stunning steed has a thoroughly impressive range of some 40 miles of a full charge which is more than enough for all your urban commuting and adventuring needs.

Designed to help you explore your world and expand your horizons, the Pure Cycles CAPACITA Electric Bike means your rides are no longer limited by your legs because when you run out of energy, the electric side of the bike can kick in and take over for you. Let your imagination plan your route and see where it takes you with the 40 mile range being more than enough for a trip from Brooklyn to the Bronx and back again.

The Pure Cycles CAPACITA Electric Bike comes with a removable battery which is extremely simple to store and this means that you can leave your bike on the rack and recharge wherever you may be. Needless to say, theft is one of the worst things that can happen to a bike (and its rider) but with the integrated GPS tracking of the CAPACITA you can rest assured that when it’s out of sight, it’s never out of mind and, if the unthinkable happens, you’ll be able to point the cops right to your ride.

Multiple Modes

With three simple modes for every type of riding – namely, Power Mode that lets the motor do the work, Eco Mode which provides light pedal assistance up to 20MPH and Bike Mode which is your bike in its natural state where you’ll have to take responsibility for the pedalling. The CAPACITA comes with an accompanying app which lets you flick between the three performance modes, get security alerts, lend your bike to a friend, and more – all through the app or right on the bike with the included key fob.

If you’re wanting a jack of all trades e-bike for all your urban commuting needs, the CAPACITA from Pure Cycles is sure to tick plenty of the right boxes. It has integrated headlights and taillights which activate at the first sign of low-light, and the automatic brake light helps keep you visible on the road, in traffic, and wherever your adventures take you so you’re always in safe hands with this excellent looking machine.

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