Minimalist Movie Posters by Chung Kong

Movies are a passion of ours here at Coolector HQ as is, to a considerably lesser extent, minimalism so you can understand why we’ve fallen pretty hard for these really rather awesome Minimalist Movie Posters by Dutch artist and graphic designer, Chung Kong.

There are over 200 minimalist movie posters to be found within Kong’s super cool collection of artwork so, chances are if you’ve got a favourite movie, he will have given it the minimalist treatment to dramatic effect. Some of our favourites here at Coolector HQ, such as No Country for Old Men, Ghostbusters and Taxi Driver have all made the cut and the simple but astonishingly effective design of these prints makes them the perfect addition to more or less any style of contemporary home.

This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered Kong’s work here at The Coolector and his brilliant eye for design stands out a mile. Given our love of the silver screen, the chances were high that we were going to like his collection of Minimalist Movie Posters but we couldn’t have anticipated that he would have added quite so many titles to his catalogue which is still growing. If you’re on the lookout for some cool new artwork for your home and have a thing for movies too, then you’ll be hard pressed to find many better candidates for your wallspace than these awesome prints from Chung Kong.

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