Aecraft Peak MacBook Cover & Stand

It seems to us that iPads are the priority when it comes to providing stands and covers at the expense of a device that we here at Coolector HQ use with a good deal more frequency – namely, that of a Macbook. Well, all that has changed with the emergence of an excellent looking accessory for those of us who want to use our laptops outside but don’t want to char-grill our thighs in the process. Say hello to the Aecraft Peak MacBook Cover & Stand.

This striking accessory has been designed and made by hand in Belgium and you can see the quality of the piece positively shining through so if you’re in the market for a stand for your Macbook that also acts as a cover then we’re willing to wager that you’ll find few, maybe even none, more luxurious than the rather spiffing Aecraft Peak MacBook Cover & Stand. We want to use our Macbook on the go with great frequency here at Coolector HQ and have long been on the lookout for a stylish and highly functional offering that offers both protection and a clever, ergonomic design and the Aecraft offering excels in both these arenas.

The objective of the Aecraft Peak MacBook Cover & Stand is to improve both your sitting posture when using your Macbook and to increase the ventilation of your machine because, as anyone who uses a laptop with great regularity will know, they can get mightily hot when there isn’t a flow of air running beneath them. We love the simplistic design of this accessory here at The Coolector and the fact it is crafted from top grade South African Merino wool felt (0,30 g/cm3 high density) and premium Norwegian vegetable-tanned leather just serves to add to the appeal still further. Check out a few shots below:


mac case


A superbly crafted accessory from Belgium that will definitely appeal to Macbook owners who have grown weary of burnt thighs, the brilliant looking and supremely functional Aecraft Peak Macbook Cover and Stand is definitely right up our street here at Coolector HQ and we can’t wait to get one to give our tortured thighs some respite.

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