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We love brands that make things well and concentrate on delivering quality, functional products that men will appreciate and that’s why we’re always delighted by brands like Misc. Goods Co. and their first class line up of goods and accessories which any man will want as part of his EDC or workspace line up.

Misc. Goods Co are the brainchild of Tyler Deeb and this US purveyor of awesome accessories really does have something for every design taste and requirement. The story of the brand is a real rag to riches one and it’s hard not to be won over by the dedication to delivering first class products that is tangible from Misc. Goods Co. and if you’re looking for brilliant gift ideas for men, you’ll find plenty of products that fill the bill on the digital shelves of this Louisville based brand.

Check out some of the best bits and pieces from Misc. Goods Co. below:

Black Ceramic Flask

A flask is an essential component of any contemporary man’s carry and they don’t come any better than this Black Ceramic Flask from Misc. Goods Co. which is aesthetically unparalleled and as versatile as it gets. This cracking accessory is made in the USA and it is a newly designed drinking flask which has been designed for a multitude of occasions from the casual picknic or trip out into the wild to the bar top or mantle. It is crafted from quarter-inch ceramic off-white slip cast and expertly accented with two striking leather straps, brass stud and brass button for a decidedly classy aesthetic. Painfully cool and eye-catching, if you need a flask in 2018, make it this one. ($92)

Valley of Gold Solid Cologne

Classy and sophisticated, this Valley of Gold Solid Cologne from Misc. Goods Co. boasts the delicious scent of a wild garden in blossom amidst woods, a place where rose, lavender, geranium, myrtle and broom flower grow freely alongside rosemary, honey bush and surrounding trees. For any man seeking a handy, always ready arrangement that delivers a impeccably balanced, floral, earthy aroma which consists of no fewer than 11 ingredients, this solid cologne has definitely got everything that you’re looking for and more. ($60)

Rope Screen Print

After something to give your workspace walls a bit of a visual punch? This awesome Rope Print from Misc. Goods Co. gets our vote at The Coolector. This supremely well designed print was designed by owner Tyler Deeb as a preparation for the adoption of their son, Win. The intricate design of the print represents the complexity of the process and life in general along with the job of working it out so will be a great source of inspiration if hung in your workspace. The Rope Print can be framed or hung independently depending on how you best want to display it in your own home or office. ($25)

Leather Wallet V.2

We love wallets here at The Coolector and this V.2 offering from Misc. Goods Co. is definitely one of the most unusual and coolest that we’ve encountered in quite some time. This sumptuously crafted accessory is made with the minimalist carrier in mind – which, truth be told, is most of us nowadays, with a few cards normally sufficing. This eye-catching wallet will comfortably hold credit cards, ID’s and loose bills without adding any additional and unwanted bulkiness to your pocket. A great looking gift for any man who wants a new wallet in 2018. ($58)

The product where it all began for Misc. Goods Co., these Red Deck Playing Cards are perfectly suited to any card games you’ve got planned in 2018 and the quality design really is second to none. Made in USA by United States Playing Card Co., this is a completely redesigned deck of playing cards. The illustrations found on the cards have been redone; from the tuck case to every symbol, court card and even the typography has had a revamp from the original deck of cards upon which Misc. Goods Co was built. ($15)

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